Hematite Rune Set

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Hematite rune set with pouch. This set contains 24 symbols engraved unto Amethyst tumbles as well as a blank tumble.

Runes are an old Norse alphabet that was and is used as a method of fortune-telling and protection sigils.

Runes are used as a method of connecting to one’s higher self, inner guidance and tapping into intuition as a method of divining what the future may hold and offering advice, like the Tarot and other divination methods.

The rune set contains 24 letters and an Odin’s Rune (blank stone) that is meant to symbolize that which is not meant to be known yet.

Using runes is a great way to tap into our intuition, access our inner voice and perform divination. There are many different types of rune layout, starting with a simple 1-rune pull for a yes/no type answer or feel for the day, and three runes casting similar to Tarot spreads (such as past, present future; or situation, action, outcome). Traditionally, runes were cast in multiples of 3, or at the very least odd numbers. However, similar to Tarot spreads, there exists a vast multitude of layout options that you can try out! We suggest getting a Runes book for the meaning of each symbol and to learn how to cast.

Traditionally it is said that the runes were thrown (“cast”) onto a special piece of fabric, and while looking up to the heavens you selected your runes to read. Another way is to throw the runes onto a piece of fabric and to only read the ones that have fallen upright.

A second way to use the rune set is to hold the pouch in your non-dominant hand and think about the question you want to be answered as you pull out runes with your dominant hand, placing them in the shape of whichever layout you’ve chosen to do.

Get a book (this one or this one) for the meaning of the symbols, and to learn how to cast and read runes.

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