Heart Chakra Bracelet Set – Balance

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Includes a 4mm bead bracelet of Moss Agate – Green Aventurine – Azurite Malachite

The Heart Chakra is the bridge between the self and higher self and is the aspect of harmony. It has a need for courage,
empathy, love, self-love and compassion.

Someone with an underactive heart chakra can be closed hearted, intolerant, lack empathy and experience despair, bitterness, trust issues.

An overactive heart chakra can be too loving for its own good, be co-dependent, and/or jealous.

This heart chakra bracelet combination helps to be more compassionate, empathetic, courageous, intuitive, peaceful, and warm.

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Chakras : Heart Chakra


Moss Agate : Helps to bring strength and efficacy in all endeavors. Improves self-esteem, emotional balance, and strengthens positive traits. Helps to communicate with the plant & mineral kingdom. Can increase abundance and ‘speed things up’.

Green Aventurine: Overall it is a gemstone of prosperity. Green Aventurine allows one to be more ‘easy going’. It stimulates creativity, enhances intelligence and attracts money. Ables one to see different alternatives and possibilities. It can also help with anger, nervousness, anxious thoughts, stress and sleep disorders.

Azurite Malachite : Helps you reach deep within without fears and affecting changes by increasing flexibility. Helps to dissolve non-beneficial characteristics of the ego. Soothes anxiety related to illness.

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