Healing Light Lenormand Deck

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Let the energy of the cosmos into your divination work with the Healing Light Lenormand. A lovely combination of classic Lenormand imagery with the vibrant visions of artist Christopher Butler, creator of the Healing Light Tarot, this is a deck that can be used for everyday guidance with the simple questions in life or the bigger questions that come up when change seems inevitable and you need insights to help you navigate whatever surprises are around the corner.

Lenormand Cards are an alternative system of cartomancy, similar to Tarot but also different in purpose, feeling and structure. Unlike Tarot, Lenormand is a much more practical deck – focusing somewhat less on psychological feelings and instead on everyday happenings. You’ll notice when reading with Lenormand decks, that these cards tend to focus on practical matters – Tarot focuses on the “why”, while Lenormand tends to focus on the “how”.

With 36 cards in the deck, the Lenormand system generally gives more clarity when using pairs of cards instead of individual drawings. Some card readers also like to employ the Lenormand deck as a set of ‘clarifier’ cards, for those readings when they want to further define the meaning of a particular card or cards in a reading. Clarifier cards are usually drawn from a different deck of cards than the deck being primarily used. When Tarot and Lenormand are combined, these two systems create a powerful effect – giving you a clearer overall picture of the reading.

The Lenormand cards do not have a reversed meaning to them. The Lenormand bases itself on a combination of cards together, rather than what a single card will tell you!

This deck includes a small guidebook

Interesting spread using Lenormand’s cards :

mimir's head oracle card spread

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