Grounded & Anxiety-Free Bracelet Set

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This grounded & anxiety-free bracelet set contains a 4mm bracelet of Tourmaline – Amethyst – Lepidolite – Rose Quartz

Brings soothing energy to the mind and heart, while grounding and releasing negative influences. Helps you establish better boundaries for yourself and support self-love and self-care.

Tourmaline : Promotes relaxation & eases stress. Helps to unite one’s will and desires, & brings ideas into reality. Strong protection from external influences by repelling & protecting from negative energies. Helps one’s to remain grounded & reduce fear. Assists with self-empowerment by understanding oneself and others.

Lepidolite : Helps to gently bring a change in behavior. Helps with emotional healing & relieves stress, anxiety & depression. Helps to overcome addiction and victim mentality. Supportive when going through grief. Promotes self-love, acceptance, trust, independence & healthy boundaries. Beneficial for sleep issues. Stabilizes mood swings.

Rose Quartz : Emits a calming and cooling energy to gently remove negativity and reinstate the loving, gentle force of self-love. Brings calmness and clarity to emotions and helps to restore the mind to a harmonious state after chaos or crisis. Brings peacefulness and calm to relationships.

Amethyst : Brings insights into what requires change towards a more self-actualized state. Facilitates the transmutation of lower frequencies into higher frequencies of spiritual and etherial levels. Increases contentment. Allows one to be more serene & aware. Overall, helps alleviate stress from overactive mental processes.

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