German Oracle Cards – Kipper Cards

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Developed in 1890, Kipper has long been a favorite of the German divination community. Accessible and practical, it is perfect for beginners and advanced readers seeking advice and guidance on their most-perplexing questions. In a pinch, the Kipper cards will answer yes and no questions, because every card in the deck is associated with yes, no, or maybe

Kipper Oracle Deck – Kipper expert Alexandre Musruck’s classically styled deck reinterprets the original German images with a Parisian touch. This box contains 36 Kipper art cards.

The Art of Kipper Reading Book – Enhance your reading skills with the companion guide, The Art of Kipper Reading: Decoding Powerful Messages, sold separately. This is a very comprehensive guide to reading with the Kipper and interpreting how any two Kipper cards will influence each other in a reading.