Gemstone Wands

$ 35.00

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Gemstone wands gather and direct energy. The pointed end of the wand is for directing energy, either inward (into something) or outward (to the Universe). Draw negative energy away with the rounded end of the wand.

In Reiki : wands can also be used to draw symbols and direct symbols in a specific area of the body.

In crystal grids : it can be used for crystal grid activation, to connect each gemstone to each other and to the focus stone.

In healing : wands can be used to activate and balance the chakra system. Starting at the base chakra, spiral the wand in a clockwise motion to activate and balance this centre. Continue until you feel this chakra is balanced and move on to the next one until you have balanced all 7 chakras.

Using clairvoyance, you may also scan the energy body for any imbalances (they may appear as dark spots, clouds, darts, inflammation, etc.) then use the wand to extract these imbalances. Then cleanse your wand with purified water or keep on a selenite plate.

In reflexology or accupressure : use the wand to massage certain point or to apply more pressure to a specific point.

Available in Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Tourmaline or Chakras. Crystal wands are versatile and are a useful addition to any crystal collection. As with any crystal, you can also use them for meditation