Fin de Siecle Kipper Oracle

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Developed in 1890, Kipper has long been a favorite of the German divination community. Accessible and practical, it is perfect for beginners and advanced readers seeking advice and guidance on their most-perplexing questions. The Fin de Siecle Kipper is a set of German divination cards illustrated in Victorian style by veteran tarot artist, Ciro Marchetti. A Kipper deck is similar to Lenormand, but focuses more on people than events in its cards. This set has 39 cards: the 36 standard for a Kipper deck, plus three new additions.

Using augmented reality, via the Aurasma application, Ciro has brought the Fin de Siecle (end of century) cards to life in stunning, new ways. Guidebook with interpretations by three expert contributors. Includes 39 cards (2.75′ x 4.125′) and an illustrated guidebook, 83 pages

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