Enchanted Love Tarot Deck

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Each of the 78 tapestry-collaged cards is a magical fairy-tale world of enchantment, dreams, and fantasy that makes every one of your readings a work of art. Through proven relationship secrets and timeless spiritual teachings, learn to open your heart and your mind to make wise decisions on the pathway to love.

Get in touch with the quiet voice within you that knows what is best for your greatest good and highest joy. Improve your existing relationship or find out how to meet your soul mate. Use the cards as a meditation tool or to build your intuition. This deck and guidebook will entertain and empower you in the ways of true love.

The suits have been renamed as Roses (= Wands / Fire), Shells (= Cups / Water), Wings (= Swords / Air), and Gems (= Pentacles / Earth). The majors and each minor suit can also be identified by different colored borders. The minors themselves are not technically “scenic”, falling more into the Marseille style of clumps of the suit symbols — but they are colorful and attractive nonetheless.

The book that comes with the deck provides so much more than your usual card meanings and suggested card spreads (although it does have them). Included in the book are love spells and “The ABCs of True Love”.

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