Enchanted Dreams Tarot Deck

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The Enchanted Dreams tarot deck is pack with imagery and symbols that will help you access the light and shadow within yourself. The guidebook will help you use the Tarot as a tool for self-development and to help you better understand yourself. The guidebook of this tarot deck has been written in a format that will allow you to journal as you work through the cards. Each card contains a question for you to ponder on, as well as an affirmation and a to-do task relating to the card.

Step into the fantasy world of dreams and fairy tales in this charming and traditional deck. Designed to increase awareness so you can connect with your higher self a critical step on our path of personal growth and a boon in times of need. Let the cards be your guide as you solve day-to-day issues and overcome obstacles. Gain valuable insight and learn to stabilize emotions. Full of whimsy and enchantment, this deck lets you use the keywords and meanings from the guidebook to move your life forward. The special affirmations and tasks offer tools you can take with you when you step back into reality. Readers of all levels will find joy and meaning in this 78-card deck.

Using the cards daily will help you sharpen your intuition.

Drawing Tarot cards can help you tap into your intuition and inner wisdom by amplifying the answer that is within you. Just be open and allow the interpretation to bubble up to the surface of your conscious mind. It can bring clarity around certain questions or options available to you. It can always help you see what are the obstacles in front of you or the best path to choose to achieve what you want.

It is important to choose a tarot deck that speaks to you through its imagery. You should find the images intriguing and fun.  You do not need any psychic skills to use a tarot deck.

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