DNA Spiral – Personal Pendant

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This silver DNA Spiral pendant starts to synchronize with your own DNA Strand to activate and enhance its functions.

Depending on one’s health level, a DNA Spiral pendant can aid in increasing one’s vitality.

The energetic qualities offered by the shape of the Personal DNA Spiral can have some of the following effects:

• Enhance vitality

• Reduce fatigue and stress

• Provide a calming effect that can help balance blood pressure

• Help reduce irritation, nervousness, fear, fright, and anxiety

• Enhance concentration (focus) – especially during intense study periods and computer work

• Provide protection for both car and driver when hung in a car

• Help in reducing energetic pollution

• Increase speed regeneration and rejuvenation

• Support in activating the immune system

• Aid in expanding intuition.

Made of sterling silver. Measures approximately 1.8 cm x 6 cm / 0.7 x 2.35 inch

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