DNA Spiral – Large

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The DNA SPIRAL promotes an ongoing exchange and supply of energy in one’s environment. Because of this energy exchange, a healthier flow of energy is created in a space and energy stagnation is reduced. This aids in healing and increasing one’s vital energy.

This large copper spiral is plated with 24K gold to increase the conductivity and emission of energy (about 16m/50 ft. diameter). The proportions and number of coils allow the spiral to work as follows:

  • the inner coil (left-turning) collects “non-beneficial” energy from the environment
  • the outer coil (right-turning) collects and delivers Universal Energy to energize the environment (with Kirlian photography we
can see the emission of white light).

Taking the above into consideration, the DNA Spiral promotes the ongoing exchange and supply of energy in one’s environment. That’s why, from a Feng Shui point of view, the DNA Spiral should be placed in an area in one’s home, office or treatment room where the energy is stagnant or needs enhancing.

The DNA Spiral is one of the few Feng Shui remedies that can be placed in a central spot of the home, office or treatment room to promote circulation of energy (even through the walls) and to harmonize its flow. Therefore in order to create a healthy flow of energy and prevent stagnation it can be placed in such areas as large halls, living rooms, stairways, basements, guest rooms etc. It is especially beneficial in treatment rooms to aid in clearing the energy between clients.

From a Feng Shui point of view, it may be placed in the central point of one’s home to influence the whole area, or placed in a particular Feng Shui corner to increase the flow of a certain vibration only (i.e. abundance, relationships, health etc.).

By creating a kind of ‘energetic vortex’ the DNA Spiral minimizes or, in some cases, eliminates the negative influence of underground black streams, earth grid lines, EMF or other noxious energies. It also strengthens the human energetic system, so we are less vulnerable to these negative vibrations.

Due to its ability to energize, the DNA Spiral has a positive influence on all living organisms, especially humans. It can:

•       activate one’s own DNA strand
•       considerably increase the flow of one’s own vital force
•       help speed up the healing process
•       enhance the process of clearing energy in a room (i.e. after conflicts, arguments etc.)
•       prevent the environment from getting over-energized due to its clearing ability

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