Desert Rose (Barite)

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Desert Rose (Barite) increases self-worth and self-confidence. It is helpful in calming worries, fears, and phobias. It is useful in helping us to worry less and to be more practical instead. It improves the ability to manage our thoughts and is a great mineral for calming and balancing the mind.

It is a mineral that supports friendship and connection, enhances love and harmony, and brings insights about the relationship.

The rose formation also symbolizes that everything is possible and allows one to go for their dreams without restraint.

On the physical level, it promotes detoxification and can help with vision and recovery from addiction.

Related Chakras : Root Chakra

Related astrological signs : Aquarius

Mineralogy: a variety of gypsum

Size is approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inch

*Do not put in water or it will dissolves

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