Crystal Healing Book

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Judy Hall, author of the bestselling Crystal Bible, offers us a fresh way of looking at 12 master healing crystals in this key to opening your higher awareness.

Crystal Healing looks at seven crystals attuned to the seven chakras (the body’s energy centers) and five “master healer” stones that can be used singly or in combination to relieve stress, promote relaxation, balance the emotions, and invigorate body, mind and spirit.

Clear colour photographs, along with useful charts, diagrams and grids combine with complete instructions. Special features such as a chart on using crystals for specific ailments make this portable volume a terrific addition to your purse or bed table.

A practical book with instructions for using crystals to enhance your life and spirit. Author Judy Hall has been using stones in her healing and divination work for more than 30 years. She will be your gentle guide, teaching you how to harness the holistic healing properties of different crystals to improve your memory and concentration, invigorate your energy, reduce stress, balance and strengthen your chakras, and even heal depression and anger.

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