Crown Chakra Bracelet Set

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Includes a 4mm bead bracelet of Clear QuartzAngeliteLepidolite

The Crown Chakra is related to self-awareness and is the aspect of spirituality. It has a need for ideals, wisdom, peace and clarity

Someone with an underactive crown chakra can be withdrawn and have a weak sense of faith as well as experience depression, anxiety, brain fog, and/or learning difficulties.

An overactive crown chakra can be skeptical, judgmental, ungrounded and have a sense of superiority.

This crown chakra bracelet combination promotes ideals, wisdom, peace, clarity, understanding, faith.

On the physical level, it can help with depression, anxiety, brain fog, learning difficulties, migraine and insomnia.


Clear Quartz : Promotes clarity & neutrality by gaining greater awareness. Improves perception and memory. Helps to connect to the higher self and spirit realm.

Angelite : Beneficial in times of transition. Clears & enhance higher Chakras (Throat, Third eye, Crown). Brings clarity, higher intuition & wisdom & helps you connect with higher realms. Helps to dispel anger, fear & anxiety & turn those emotions into faith. Allows to speak your truth more easily.

Lepidolite : Helps to gently bring a change in behavior. Helps with emotional healing & relieves stress, anxiety & depression. Helps to overcome addiction and victim mentality. Supportive when going through grief. Promotes self-love, acceptance, trust, independence & healthy boundaries. Beneficial for sleep issues. Stabilizes mood swings.

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