Copper Plated Quartz Pendant

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Combines the properties of Clear Quartz and the properties of Copper.

Metaphysical properties of Copper

Highly conductive and stimulative metal, it assists in energy and facilitates the healing process. It can help relieve rheumatism. It can relieve lethargy and passivity. Copper allows us to become much more aware of our own unconscious thoughts and of how these thoughts may shape our emotions. It helps you recognize the barriers and limitations which has been self-imposed or in the way of growth.

Associated with Venus & Aphrodite it can be used to attract a partner.

Metaphysical properties of Clear Quartz

Clear quartz promotes clarity and neutrality by gaining greater awareness. It also helps to improve perception and memory. It helps us to find simple ways to solve our problems, aids concentration and helps us to remember things. It helps to connect to the higher self & spirit realm. Quartz is excellent for general healing as it helps to speed up the whole healing process.

Highly programmable. Clear Quartz will amplify energy, thoughts and the effects of other gemstones. As it does both absorb and amplify, it is important to cleanse this crystal on a regular basis.

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