Concentration & Clarity Bracelet Set

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This set contains a 4mm bracelet of Aquamarine – Fluorite – Clear Quartz – Hematite

Enhances clarity, concentration, focus & decision-making. And helps you gain greater awareness. Enhances reasoning & learning process. Improves perception and memory. Restores organization & order to what is chaotic & disruptive.

Fluorite : Promotes flexibility, discernment, detachment & impartiality in situations. Enhances clarity, concentration & decision-making. Restores organization & order to what is chaotic & disruptive. Helps to manifest your life’s purpose. Good physic shield. Encourages a superior ideal of physical, mental & emotional well-being.

Aquamarine : Brings clarity & courage. Helps to overcome the fear of speaking & to speak clearly & with conviction. Enhances reasoning & learning process. Allows for deep exploration of the Soul & discovery of hidden meanings of reality. Lessens rigidity & judgment, supports compassion & tolerance. Connected with the element of water. Encourages one to be prepared at all times.

Hematite : Promotes strength & endurance. Helps ones to achieve their plan in spite of obstacles & enhances concentration & focus. Stone of divination & can help release your self-imposed limitations & discover your unique gifts. Boosts self-esteem, confidence & will power. Helps to draw illness from the body & promotes self-healing. Beneficial in times of anxiety.

Clear Quartz : Promotes clarity & neutrality by gaining greater awareness. Improves perception and memory. Helps to connect to the higher self and spirit realm. Highly programmable. Amplifies energy, thoughts & the effects of other gemstones. As it does both absorb & amplify, it is important to cleanse this crystal on a regular basis.

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