Clear Mind Organic Herbal Tea

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Lucidity Blend

My curated herbal tea blends are formulated with an intention to create that quiet space, to invite positive energies and experiences into your life. Having tea as a ritual for setting intentions can be a great way to anchor frequencies that help you manifest those positive experiences.

Flowers and plants contain powerful healing frequencies. We connect with the divine Earth essence of the plant by appreciating it and merging with it (drinking it), allowing those healing frequencies to work with us. The effects are intensified when all this is done with intention.

Creating a tea time ritual, consciously setting intentions and connecting with the herbs are one way to allow healing and abundance to occur.

The Clear Mind is a refreshing blend of herbs to awaken the mind. Enjoy in the morning and afternoon to spark creative ideas and to help with tasks and decisions.

All organic ingredients:

Hyssop, Spearmint, Lemon Verbana, Lemon Peel, Moringa, Strawberry Leaf, Stevia, Periwinkle, Peony Root, Oatstraw, Echinacea

All the ingredients are certified organic. No added flavors, sugars, extracts or preservatives – all natural tea. In some blends, the Stevia sweetener I use is itself a natural herb.

Each bag contains 1 1/2 cup of loose leaf tea.

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