Chakra Set – Tumbles

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This Chakra set includes 7 semi-polished tumbles (mostly Red Aventurine, Peach Aventurine or Carnelian, Yellow Aventurine, Green Aventurine, Lapis Lazuli or Blue Aventurine, and Amethyst or Clear Quartz). Each gemstone helps to harmonize, balance and stabilize the chakras, the body’s metaphysical energy centers.

Amethyst for the Crown – Protection, Purification, Spiritual/Divine Connection
Blue Aventurine for the Third Eye – Vision, Leadership, Release attachments
Lapis Lazuli for the Throat – Awareness, Self-Honesty, Inner Truth
Green Aventurine for the Heart – Healing, Abundance, Releases Fear, Opens One’s Heart
Yellow Aventurine for the Solar Plexus – Boundaries, Willpower, Discernment
Peach Aventurine for the Sacral – Creativity, Manifesting New Life, Playfulness
Red Aventurine for the Root – Vitality, Grounding, Joy

You will also receive an instruction card for a simple Chakra healing grid.

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