Chakra Bracelet

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Clear Quartz chakra bracelet with a gemstone representing each of the chakras. Included is a bead of Hematite, Garnet, Yellow Calcite, Green Aventurine, light-colored Sodalite, dark-colored Sodalite, and Amethyst.

Each gemstone helps to harmonize, balance, and stabilize the chakras, the body’s metaphysical energy centers.

Amethyst for the Crown – Protection, Purification, Spiritual/Divine Connection
Dark-colored Sodalite for the Third Eye – Vision, Leadership, Release attachments
Light-colored Sodalite for the Throat – Awareness, Self-Honesty, Inner Truth
Green Aventurine for the Heart – Healing, Abundance, Releases Fear, Opens One’s Heart
Yellow Calcite for the Solar Plexus – Boundaries, Willpower, Discernment
Garnet for the Sacral – Creativity, Manifesting New Life, Playfulness
Hematite for the Root – Vitality, Grounding, Joy

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