Celestite Cluster

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Celestite assists with clairaudience, connecting with the angelic realm, and providing clear verbalization of the messages received. Celestite promotes dream recall and supports the mental state necessary for astral travel. It is a stone used for manifestation. Celestite harmonizes dysfunctional thoughts and negativity, relieves stress and induces relaxation. It is therefore very useful in entering the meditative state and provides a peaceful environment.

It is also said to help us be more open to new opportunities and experiences so that they may grow further, and move on from any emotional restrictions of the past.

On the physical level, Celestite has been used to treat hearing and sight disorders. It can also assist with intestinal and digestive disorders.

Related Chakras : Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras

Related astrological signs : Gemini

This cluster weighs approximately   and measures approximately 3.25 x 3 inch

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