Cat Ritual Candle

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Green cat candles are used in money and luck spells and rituals to promote prosperity and financial gain and freedom, as well as luck. This green cat candle, resembling the ancient symbols of the Egyptian Goddess Bast, offers you a powerful addition to your rituals and candle magic, aiding in banishing and destroying negative influences.

Prosperity Ritual

Carve your name onto the candle, then light and set your intention for good luck and/or prosperity. You can add prosperity herbs and oil to the candle for additional power.

Animal Healing Ritual

Green cat candle can also be used for a healing pet ritual. Carve your pet’s name on the candle or place the name on a piece of paper under the candle. You can add healing or cleansing herbs and oil for additional power. Focus your mind and energy on clearing all negative energies from your pet, and then for health and balance to harmonize all aspects of your pet’s being.


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