Beaded Rings

$ 15.00

  • USD: 15.00$

These stretchable beaded rings are the cutest thing. Really comfortable, they fit most finger sizes. Made of natural gemstones, the faceted cut of the beads makes them sparkle.

Available in the following gemstones:

Spinel: provides grounding and protection and promotes insights related to physical matters. Increases stamina and the ability to follow through.

Pyrite: instills self-recognition. It is a powerful protective stone and deflects negative energies and helps to maintain one’s power. It increases vitality, ambition, and supports people to generate wealth by taking action and overcoming their fears. It also brings up to the surface suppressed memories and reveals the cause of certain conditions. Pyrite helps you see the underlying agenda and intentions of who and what is presented.

Hematite: promotes strength and endurance. It helps ones to achieve their plan in spite of obstacles and enhances concentration and focus. It is a stone of divination and may help to release your self-imposed limitations and discover your unique gifts. It boosts self-esteem, confidence and willpower. It also helps to overcome compulsions and addictions. It stimulates our desire for peace and for inner happiness and helps us realize that we can learn from our past mistakes. It also helps to draw illness from the body and promotes self-healing.

Lapis Lazuli: promotes honesty, dignity, wisdom, and sociability. It encourages us to tell and accept the truth. It helps to release pent up or repressed anger. It releases deeply buried emotions, enabling verbalization of truth. It releases and heals the bonds of the past, as well as strengthen relationships. It is a stone of learning and can help you access and learn more about who you are.

Garnet: increases powers of resistance and increases willpower. It brings insights into and helps one’s ideas, even against great resistance. Garnet allows one to contemplate, to access truth and to integrate it in accordance with the higher self and the universal will. It also transmutes negative energies into beneficial ones. And it enhances creativity and sexual energy.

Labradorite: powerful stone to enhance all physic abilities and spiritual gifts. Aids accessing & exploring the Akashic Records and hidden realms.  It can also help when going through periods of change by instilling strength and perseverance. It also helps to know instinctively the “right time” for things. It protects the Aura from negative energy & can recharge your subtle energy field. It also increases synchronicity and be more attuned to the universal energies.

Rainbow Moonstone: helps to bring light to your mental and spiritual life. Increases intuition and assists you in connecting to your Higher Power to receive spiritual guidance. It’s also helpful for getting in touch with your emotions. It’s a stone of wisdom, comfort, and power. This gemstone can be helpful when starting something new as it helps to understand and manage cycles. It promotes success in relationship and business

Pearl: signifies faith, innocence, personal integrity and stimulates a purification of body and mind for advancing states of wisdom. Brings truth to situations and provides a focus to one’s attention.

Amazonite: helps with finding one’s purpose and destiny. It is a stone of self-confidence, respect & grace. Amazonite can help to reduce any self-damaging behaviours. It also helps to balance the feminine (intuition) & masculine (intellect) energies. In a way, it helps to take action through inspired thoughts. It is also a gentle, calming and soothing gemstone. It is helpful in alleviating fear and worry.

Multi-color Tourmaline: enhances creativity and higher states of love. Promotes joy and enthusiasm for life by releasing destructive tendencies. Can be used as a gate to the inner and higher-self.

*Do not wear in the shower as it may break down the string