Atlantis Cross Pendant

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The Atlantis Cross is a symbol of life. Its shape is similar to the Nile Key (ankh) but without the negative vibrations.  The Atlantis Cross is a strong protective symbol. The shape reminds us of the human body. It helps to clear and neutralize all non-beneficial energies. Those energies collected on the cross are further sent through the “legs” of the cross to the Earth to be transformed. The incredible power of this unique piece of jewelry is similar to the Atlantis Symbol of Protection. The upper, rounded part of the cross called “head” emits the frequency of Green Positive (G+), the right arm emits Red, the left arm emits Violet, the right leg emits Green Positive end the left leg emits White energy. These positions hold true even if the cross is turned over.

Due to its vibrations, the Atlantis Cross strengthens the body of the wearer, therefore creating a renewal and regenerative effect, which speeds healing.

The Atlantis Cross is believed to be the precursor of the Egyptian Cross of Life (known also as the Cross of Nile or Key of Life) commonly called Ankh.* The Cross should not come in contact with any other metal and it should be worn on a leather or cotton string, either against the skin or over clothing. Since the cross attunes itself to your energy, it shouldn’t be worn by others. You can safely remove it at night, to take a shower, etc.

While minor scratches won’t affect the functioning of the cross, damage to the shape will render it ineffective.

Made of silver.

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