Adjustable Onyx Bracelet with Citrine

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Black Onyx promotes self-assertion and boosts confidence. It helps you become at ease in your environment. It improves rational thinking, control, and reasoning. It is a good option for people with great mental or emotional stress or issues in the workplace. It is also a stone of happiness, good fortune, and strength. It enhances stamina and vitality.

On the physical level, it sharpens hearing and improves the functions of the nerves. And it is also beneficial for strong bones and teeth.

Citrine instills self-assurance. It also promotes an abundance of spirit, joy and confidence. It supports generosity and accumulation of wealth. And it enhances success by stimulating the mind, including creativity, as well as motivation, self-worth and optimism.

Related Chakras : Root Chakra

Related astrological signs : Gemini and Leo

Mineralogy: black chalcedony

This adjustable bracelet is made of 4mm Onyx beads and Citrine accent beads

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