7 Knob Wishing Candles

$ 16.00

  • USD: 16.00$

These 7 knob wishing candles can be used for 7 different wishes that help to achieve the same overall goal, or to powerfully charge an intention over 7 days (burn one knob each day while focusing on your intention). Place in flameproof holder for stability.

Choose the color that aligns with your goal. You may also want to dress (add to) your candle with a symbol, oil, herbs, charms, etc…

BLACK – protection, expulsion / banishment – letting go of something, regeneration, transition

RED – love, passion, lust, strength, courage, sexual potency

GREEN – healing, money, prosperity, happiness, fertility. The color of (financial) wealth, success, and generosity.

WHITE – protection, peace, cleansing, chastity, happiness, cessation of gossip, clarity. Represents purity, spirituality, faith and the higher abilities you can attain in life. White candles can also be used as a substitute for a color you don’t have.