Why NOT acquiescing to a new normal is imperative

Whether or not you believe the virus is a serious threat to human life is beside the point of this article. Although, if you do believe the “authorities” completely and literally, I can’t help you. It helps if you don’t believe it. And it helps if you know WHY you don’t believe it.

What you’ve been entrenched in over the last several months is global psychological warfare. You are losing. What do you lose when you lose a psychological war? Just what the term implies, you lose your mind. You lose sanity. Lose intelligence. Lose collective rationality. Eventually there becomes a general loss of mental capacity. All of which leads to the loss of freedoms. Most importantly, we’re losing human dignity. The reason I’m writing this is to share the perfect example of people under psychological attack and losing that attack:

The reopening of the Apple computer store yesterday in Metropolis.

Now, I’m quite jaded when it comes to both the stupidity and evils of the world – I stare at both dead in the eye on a daily basis – but even my jaw dropped upon witnessing the reopening of Apple. They set up a military-style security check-and-deny access point into the fucking computer store. Several(!) uniformed security guards were “ensuring” that shoppers were not spreading the plague by confirming a checklist of symptoms, then scanning their foreheads with “temperature readers” and allowing those who passed the screen-test to line-up in single file, two metres apart, with hands sanitized and forced to wear face masks. Of course, all the staff wore masks in the store too. Important to note was that the security guards were not masked.

This is supposed to be a reasonable “new normal”? A rational response to a waning viral event? It’s a nightmare. I thought I was asleep in my bed experiencing a nightmare. What was more distressing than the security protocols was that people were agreeing just for the privilege of shopping in Apple!

In war, all opposing forces take two approaches – attack and defend. Above I illustrated their attack. Afterward I experienced their defense posture, twice, in the form of censorship. I had been text messaging Amelie on my phone several times prior to this event, without issue. Then I texted her about this nightmare. After the nightmare text, I had texted her one final time about something else unrelated. I later learned that she received all my texts except the one explaining this militant exercise! (Thank you Fido-CRTC, Apple and CSIS for blocking a private conversation between two people.) You may think that’s merely a coincidence or a cellphone glitch. Well I don’t, especially since my texts have always been reliable in the past. Is it coincidental too that later that day Amelie posted my text on Facebook and it has seemingly been blocked from view? Many people have been experiencing random black-outs in social media these days regarding this viral bullshit.

It’s not a coincidence and I’ll attempt to quickly explain why:

In psychological warfare, there is a very short window of opportunity for acquiescence. Even one person could disrupt the operation within the short initial timeframe by REASONABLY and RATIONALLY pointing out the attack, thereby causing others to REJECT it. (Wikipedia: In law, acquiescence occurs when a person knowingly stands by without raising any objection to the infringement of his or her rights, while someone else unknowingly and without malice aforethought acts in a manner inconsistent with their rights. As a result of acquiescence, the person whose rights are infringed may lose the ability to make a legal claim against the infringer, or may be unable to obtain an injunction against continued infringement. The doctrine infers a form of “permission” that results from silence or passiveness over an extended period of time.)

People follow consensus. If you snap them out of the wrong consensus, the rejection becomes the new consensus. If they’re not snapped out of it in time, individuals will say to themselves “well, everyone on all sides has agreed this behaviour is necessary so I better participate too”, at which time you’ve lost that battle and your enemy has succeeded by doing what they want you to do – relinquish your freedom and dignity. THAT’s why my text had been blocked on two media formats. By silencing any dissent during that critical initial window, they solidify normalization of the behaviour, after which point opposition will have little to no effect on the group consensus.

Well, it’s not too late. The window is still open. Snap out of it!! Share this message with others. Refuse to live in a militant fascist state and insist on living free or dying if necessary! Free yourself and go shopping with rational precautions, not militant restrictions. Please.


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