5G, LED and Covert Technology

(This article has been submitted to me by a previous client who wanted me to share this information. Because I know the level of accuracy is quite high, I am delighted to share this message. The author wishes to remain anonymous.)

LED street light and 5G infrastructureProtests and debates over the government’s plans to own and build more oil infrastructure across BC are ongoing. Meanwhile, another significant public works infrastructure project has been and continues to be constructed throughout this province. While fossil fuel policy is very important, this other project also warrants attention. Basically, a vast and expensive 5G telecommunications infrastructure is quietly being built with tax payer’s money. This physical infrastructure is nearly complete, so you’ve already paid the bill for most of it. I believe the whole 5G system will go online fully around the year 2020.

All throughout the lower mainland and especially in denser cities like Vancouver and Burnaby, pre-existing street lamps are being retrofitted with ‘efficient’ LED lamps. Pre-existing street lamps are predominately Sodium Vapour lamps (the older orangey-yellowish ones), Mercury Vapour lamps or Metal-Halide lamps. All of the previous lamps use more electricity than LED lamps. On the surface, an efficiency retrofit seems reasonable, however, there is much to learn about LED technology and the covert 5G technology being incorporated into these LED retrofits.

Why is there secrecy around this massive and expensive public works project? There is no mention of it anywhere on any media format – social, alternative, mainstream or otherwise. If the primary mandate of this project is pro-environmentalism by lowering energy usage, then why isn’t this project being used as a tremendous public relations opportunity to sing the praises of BC’s green-conscious populace? How often have you seen workers installing these lamps? Rarely? Never? We always see road and utilities worker working hard to keep our cities going and growing. So why all these LED lamps being installed sporadically and mostly in the dead of the night? Also, do you ever wonder why a huge telecommunications company has gotten into the bike rental business in Vancouver? Wouldn’t it have made more sense for a long established Vancouver bike rental company to get that city-wide contract?

5G antennae and related hardware are being covertly built into public infrastructure right under our noses, bottom line. In order for 5G to function fully, the infrastructure must be physically extensive, expensive and prolific. Consumers and taxpayers are paying to build the infrastructure, without receiving any stock in their investment. Consumers are spending their money on car sharing, bike sharing and smartphones, computers, appliances and automobiles… all with 5G infrastructure built into them. I trust you will do your own research on 5G and apply your findings to this articles. One primary goal planned for 5G is driverless cars. Truly and fully autonomous transportation requires full-on 5G infrastructure. Expect to see an explosion of autonomous vehicles in the early 2020’s.

An LED or Light Emitting Diode is an electronic device that emits a particle stream, the particles themselves can emit visible light. An LED particle stream shares similar properties to a laser beam. The way I see it in my mind’s eye is like LED light being a cross between a laser and ‘normal’ light. The particles in a beam of LED light are not as linearly aligned and organized as laser light, so the beam scatters a little bit as it travels through space. As such, it is much easier to diffuse LED streams through optical lenses to generate the appearance of normal ambient lighting.

LED particles penetrate cellular membranes of all living organisms and have the ability to interact with DNA frequency structures. How DNA is affected depends on the frequency emitted by the LED source. Frequencies are created through a pulse-syncing of the LED’s energy source, which is controlled by digital modulators. The effectiveness of LED pulse-syncing is due to the resultant binary nature of the particle stream. Imagine the particle stream as a super fast morse code message – dot-dash-dot-dot-dash… This sort of high frequency, high-resolution digital pulsing is impossible to accomplish with incandescent or fluorescent light sources since they dim between energy cycles. Imagine a flickering candle, in this case. The light emitted by traditional lamps consists of waves of visible energy, therefore the resultant light does not contain a dense stream of particles that can be manipulated, frequency-coded and directed into the cell of a living organism.

By incorporating high frequency radio wave technology (5G) into LED infrastructure (street lamps, automobile headlamps, traffic signal lights, signs, toys, shopping centres, and on and on and on as the list grows) various frequencies can be transmitted everywhere at the behest of the telecommunication companies tasked with the operation of this infrastructure. Frequencies can be targeted to specific lamp posts via the carrier radio waves, programming that LED lamp to emit specified pulse-syncing frequencies in its particle stream, thereby affecting DNA exposed to that lamp.

Another powerful component of 5G infrastructure is the human mind-body. Basically, all living cells on the planet have been hijacked by telecommunications technology (please research RF technology, GMO’s, eugenics, medicine/drugs, etc. and apply your findings here). Just like an antenna is a two-way apparatus, so too is your body – you are a biological antenna with spirit. 5G signals will be relayed by your body, through your body, to other people, and to all that covert technological hardware. Technology has been able to read, interact with, and influence your mind and body for decades. The mind/computer interface has become super sophisticated and is now being fully incorporated into the network of things. The mind/computer interactive phenomenon is another massive topic in itself, involving, among other things, trans-dimensional technology and inter-dimensional entities… far too much to unpack in this article. Rest assured, it is real and remarkable. Another secret technology is the ability to power electronic devices remotely using EMF and related energy technologies. Never doubt for a moment that if CSIS needed to look into your unplugged, switched off laptop with a dead battery, they could energize and access it from a distance.

LED particle stream are mildly toxic. A strong laser beam to your skin will burn a hole through you. Laser hair removal burns skin follicles. Even an office laser pointer to the eye can blind. When your whole body and eyes are constantly bathed in LED light, you are experiencing a prolonged irritant. You are looking at LED light right now as you read this, and probably have an LED lamp burning in your room if you’re reading this at night. As your physical body is assaulted by this particle stream, your auric field responds accordingly and autonomously. Your energy field becomes altered. A weakened and altered energy field affects overall health and wellness, and makes a person vulnerable to energetic attacks.

Oh, by the way, pulse-synced LED light in your eyes induces trance. There are a few types of trance states. People enter into various trance states all the time for different reasons because it’s an important part of the human experience. Generally speaking, trance is a state of mental/energetic defenseless receptivity. Along with social or mental conditioning, trance can be an ideal state to unwittingly receive EMF and particle stream frequency programming. People further risk being influenced by external forces due to weakness in their auric fields induced by LED light.

Have you noticed that more and more public spaces are being bathed in blue coloured LED light, as though it were some sort of funky public art thing? This is quite noticeable under skytrain tracks, around skytrain stations, outside government buildings, apartment buildings, parks, etc. Blue LED light has been shown in studies to suppress production of the sleep hormone melatonin five times more than Sodium Vapour light, thereby disrupting the natural circadian rhythms of humans and other mammals. Disrupted circadian rhythms lead to poor sleep quality and increased risks of irritability, depression, bipolar disorder, metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and cancer. Any artificial nightlight will negatively affect circadian rhythms – even Metal-Halide light suppresses melatonin three times more than Sodium Vapour light – but blue LED light is worst. I suspect that even white LED light contains high levels of blue light frequencies within its spectrum, so I don’t trust white LEDs any more than the blue ones. I also suspect that LED lamps are built to emit invisible light during the day – such as infra-red or ultraviolet – so particle streams from the lamps are still actively penetrating cellular membranes and interacting with DNA, even while the lamps appear to be off.

Our world is bizarre. People are strange and getting stranger every day. The 2020’s will be utterly surreal… I don’t know how else to put it. Be prepared for extreme levels of surreality… psyche yourself up for it, because you ain,t seen nothing yet! The government, in conjunction with their various industry cohorts, are well aware of the coming hysteria. They have been preparing facilities and pooling financial resources for some time now, in order to deal with the inevitable casualties. For example, the insurance conglomerates of BC have been raising property taxes, property insurance rate and auto insurance rates over the past few years, with even more increases promised. I don’t believe they ever needed the extra money, they sure haven’t efficiently applied those profits to public services. They need your money for the explosion of insurance claims that will come in the future due to mass erratic behavior. (Side note: the 2011 Vancouver hockey riots were instigated by secret technology and served as a 5G beta test of sorts. The atmosphere downtown was orangey-red due to technological/quantum-metaphysical phenomenon.)

Be prepared for more vacant minds doing more random bizarre things, suffering from more mysterious psychological and physical health maladies, and getting into more accidents. You have to consider that all the effects of biological hijacking will be compounded exponentially by the powerful frequencies that will be radiated by the 5G-LED-Smart-Grid. Lest we forget, there is still a lot of ‘old’ covert tech (such as ELF and HAARP) in operation that already messes people up from time to time. People will not be acclimatized at first. It will be like walking into an overly air-conditioned building on a smoldering hot humid day. You’ll think it’s freezing inside until you’ve spent some time getting used to the indoor temperature. People will feel that sort of shock to their holistic systems and have no idea what they’re experiencing or why. Some will not fair well and have real trouble acclimatizing. Of all my claims in this article, I honestly hope I’m completely wrong about these predictions.

At this point, you may be deciding that you want nothing to do with this stuff. Well, you are out of luck, 5G is a done deal. There are too many people excited about advancements in technology as part of humanity’es progressive evolution. Demonstrations and lectures will accomplish nothing. Shouting at the government will fall on deaf ears. Violence will get you injured and probably incarcerated. Nothing short of telekinetic attacks on the hardware will have any effect in removing 5G from your orbit. Take care of yourself as best you can. Strengthen your auric fields and energy bodies, as well as your physical health. Need help? Hire Amelie.