5G, LED and Covert Technology

(Updated August 2019 – This article has been submitted to me by a previous client who wanted me to share this information. Because I know the level of accuracy is quite high, I am delighted to share this message. The author wishes to remain anonymous.)

LED street light and 5G infrastructure

5G entails many other endeavours and relies on multiple technological and natural phenomena. It’s challenging to write about “5G” without integrating a multitude of topics. So I’ve decided to tweak this article to make it as focused as possible on two specific elements of the “Grande Plan”: 5G functionality and LED technology. Writing is not my strongest skill, so I’ve tried to make it an easier read. I am also not a scientist, so some readers may label the following as pseudo-scientific… that’s fine with me. Here goes:

A vast, powerful and expensive 5G telecommunications infrastructure has been built and activated. It has and is being paid for mostly with public money, much of that money coming from taxes and utility bills. Most of the public infrastructure is already in place. Everyone is waiting (as of the summer of 2019) for 5G to be “rolled out” or “turned on”. There is no on/off switch for what is being called 5G, it is and has been operational for some time now. The full functionality of 5G is a gradual process (like slowly turning a lamp’s dimmer switch up) and will become publicly accessible in the 2020s, at which time you will be knowingly and intentionally interacting with it. Yes, you have already been unknowingly interacting with “5G”.

All throughout the lower mainland – especially in denser cities like Vancouver and Burnaby – street lamps have been retrofitted with “efficient” LED lamps. New LED street lamps have been added to sidewalks and alleyways, where lighting hadn’t existed before. The old street lamps predominately used Sodium Vapour (the older orangey-yellowish ones), Mercury Vapour or Metal-Halide bulbs. The old lamps do use more electricity than LED lamps, so an efficiency upgrade seems reasonable. However, there is so much more to know about LED technology and the covert 5G technology that has been incorporated into these new lights.

Why is there silence around this massive and expensive public works project? There is no mention of it anywhere on any media format – social, alternative, mainstream or otherwise. If the primary mandate for this project involves pro-environmentalism, tax and energy savings, then why did they not take advantage of this tremendous public relations opportunity by singing the praises of BC’s green consciousness and fiscal responsibility? How often have you seen workers installing these lamps? Rarely, if ever? Their installation was intended to be an invisible transition.

5G antennae and related hardware are being covertly built into public infrastructure right under our noses. In order for 5G to function fully, the infrastructure must be everywhere, literally. Consumers and taxpayers are paying to build the infrastructure while receiving little to no stock/ownership or dividends from their investment. Consumers are paying for: car/bike sharing, smartphones, computers, appliances, residential lighting, automobiles, toys… all with 5G infrastructure built-in. A major overt plan for 5G is the driverless automobile. Fully autonomous transportation requires full-on 5G infrastructure. Expect to see an exponential increase of fully autonomous vehicles in the early 2020’s.

An LED or Light Emitting Diode is an electronic device that emits a particle stream of visible light. An LED particle stream shares similar properties to a laser beam. LED light is like a cross between laser and “normal” light. The particles in a beam of LED light are not as linearly aligned and organized as laser light, so the beam scatters a little bit as it travels through space. As such, it is much easier to diffuse LED streams through optical lenses to generate the appearance of normal ambient lighting.

LED particles penetrate cellular membranes of ALL living organisms and can interact with DNA frequency structures. How DNA is affected depends largely on the frequencies emitted by the LED, in addition to sub-atomic properties such as particle charge and spin. Specific frequencies are generated by pulsing the LED’s energy source. Imagine the particle stream as a super-fast morse code message – dot-dash-dot-dot-dash… High frequency, high-resolution digital pulsing is impossible to accomplish with incandescent or fluorescent lighting since those lamps dim between energy cycles, like a flickering candle. Also, the light emitted by traditional lamps consists of waves of visible energy, therefore the resultant light does not contain a dense stream of particles that can’t be readily manipulated, frequency-coded and directed into the cell of a living organism.

Did you know that LED’s and Solar Panels are essentially the same things? Both are Photodiodes, meaning they convert light into electrical energy. That’s right, a single LED can be easily wired to both create light or generate electricity! This has been known and utilized since the inception of LEDs. As a result, LED’s can function as wireless two-way communication devices. They can also be phase-locked, meaning that they can influence each other to pulse in unison. Imagine, billions of LED’s on cars, lamps, traffic signals, toys, screens, etc… capable of synchronizing across the city into a giant wave traveling at the speed of light. Amazing, and actually happening right now. Do you know what else are photodiodes? Digital camera sensors. There are mega-tons of photodiodes on our planet today.

By incorporating short length, high frequency radio wave technology into LED infrastructure (street lamps, traffic signals, automobile head/tail-lamps, signs, toys, public art installations, shopping centres, and on and on as the list grows) various frequencies can be transmitted and received everywhere by the telecommunications companies tasked with the operation of this technology. For example, frequencies can be targeted to specific LED light sources, to program that lamp to emit specific pulsed frequencies in its particle stream, thereby affecting DNA exposed to that light. Astounding, and also happening right now.

In order for 5G to function at full capacity, your body must become part of the system. Your body must provide feedback to the algorithms tasked with operating self-driving vehicles, for example. You must directly and immediately interact with “AI” in real-time, at all times. Therefore, all living cells on the planet have been (yes, have been, not will be) hijacked by wireless technology. Just like a radio antenna can be a transmitter/receiver, your body is also an antenna – a biological antenna with spirit. Your nervous system is being phase-locked with the 5G infrastructure. You have been physiologically digitized. You are receiving digital stimuli from all this tech, causing your brain/nervous system to fire sympathetically, all the time, as opposed to nature’s and your bio-systems’ natural analog functioning. Your biological phase-locking with these frequencies does all kinds of insidious things to your body and mind. Pulsed LED light in your eyes induces trance. People enter into various states and levels of trance all the time for different reasons because trance is an important part of the human experience. Generally speaking, trance is a state of defenceless mental/energetic receptivity. Through genetic, social and mental conditioning, trance states grant access to EMF and particle stream frequency programming.

LED particle streams are mildly toxic. Consider that a strong laser beam to your skin will burn a hole through you and laser hair removal burns hair follicles. When your whole body and eyes are constantly bathed in LED light, you are experiencing a prolonged irritant. You are staring at LEDs right now as you read this (Any chance you are experiencing tension or fatigue right now? Do you even remember what it feels like to be fully relaxed AND energetic?). As your physical body is assaulted by this particle stream, your auric field responds accordingly and autonomously. Your energy field becomes altered. A weakened and altered energy field affects overall health and wellness, and makes a person vulnerable to energetic attacks of the technological and super-natural kinds.

LED light has been shown in studies to suppress the production of the sleep hormone melatonin FIVE TIMES more than Sodium Vapour light, thereby disrupting the natural circadian rhythms of humans AND animals. Disrupted circadian rhythms lead to poor sleep quality and increased risks of irritability, depression, bi-polar disorder, metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes, and cancer. All artificial light negatively affects circadian rhythms – even Metal-Halide light suppresses melatonin three times more than Sodium Vapour light – however, LED is more severe. LEDs can also be fashioned to emit invisible light such as infra-red or ultraviolet. While an LED may appear to be off, non-visible particle streams still mess with auras or penetrate cellular membranes to alter DNA.

As if everything explained above isn’t already “out there” enough, what follows is likely the most controversial of this article: LEDs are blinding us. By emitting phase-locked pulsed light at very specific frequencies to create spatial geometric patterns of light, certain spectrums of visible light can be refracted away from your view. In other words, you can’t see certain things and/or phenomena right in front of your eyes, thereby blinding you. LEDs are a small player in the planetary-wide agenda of human perception blocking technology. 5G electromagnetic frequencies play a larger role and encompass the entire atmosphere, including the upper-atmosphere. 5G blocks/blinds and affects human extra-sensory perceptions and intuition faculties. Now that’s messed up… and unfortunately happening right now.

Our world is bizarre. Life on this planet has become wretched. People are strange and getting stranger every day. Disconnected, zombie-like people. The 2020’s will be utterly surreal to anyone born prior to the 80’s. Be prepared for extreme levels of surreality… psyche yourself up for it. Be prepared for more vacant minds with more random behaviour, suffering from more mysterious psychological and physical health maladies. The effects of biological hijacking will be compounded exponentially by the powerful frequencies that will be radiated by the 5G-LED-Smart-Grid. People will feel a sort of shock to their holistic systems and have no idea what they’re experiencing or why. Some will not fair well and will have real trouble acclimatizing.

At this point, you may be deciding that you want nothing to do with all this stuff. Well, you are out of luck, 5G is a done deal and LEDs are everywhere. There are too many people excited about advancements in technology as part of humanity’s progressive evolution. Demonstrations and lectures against all this will accomplish nothing. Preaching to your friends and family will likely have you alienated and seen as a kook. Shouting at the government will fall on deaf ears. Violence will get you injured and probably incarcerated.

If you have any creative or alternative solutions for dismantling this 5G onslaught, please implement them immediately and share your methods with like-minded people whenever possible.