3 Types of Underlying Money Blocks

Over the summer, I have been invited to write some guest blog posts for a group of networking women I participate in. I was inspired to write about money issues, as it affected most of my life. Through working with my own money issues as well as working with others on the subject, I have been amazed.

I know for sure that a lot of energetic imbalances that are distorting our energetic body affect how much money we earn, how much money we save, how much money we have and hold on to, etc. And that shifting our energy, as well as the way we perceive money and abundance, shifts our in-flow of abundance.

Part 1 : Underlying Money Blocks – Past-lives

Past-lives & money troublePast-life… seriously?

There are so many programs that run in the background of our consciousness that dictates how we feel, think and act.

Most of us are only aware of the tip of this iceberg. We don’t always question our processes. And when we do, we often can’t find a logical answer.

It’s quite possible that you have had many lives with a variety of experiences that left their mark on your spirit.

If you see life as a growth process, you begin to understand that this growth can come with its fair share of bumps and bruises. Just think of toddlers learning to walk.

Imagine going through this growth process hundreds or thousands of time. As we become wiser and more discerning through them all, they do leave imprints on our soul.

How can a past-life affect my current life?

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Part 2 : Underlying Money Blocks – Programming and False beliefs

Did you know that cultural upbringing, social programming, developed assumptions about self and the world, as well as traumas that may occur in one’s life are underlying your money issues?

Culture and its Effect

The amount of wealth you earn, accumulate, keep, save, as well as how you spend your money reflects the unconscious active memories that are at play in each moment.

Cultural background plays an immense role into our lives. Each culture brings a wealth of diversity that we enjoy. However, they are also infused by historical drama, rules, expectations and mass beliefs that are passed down from one generation to the next and often are irrelevant in present times.

I have a Cuban friend who refused to accept well-earned money for the help he offered me, saying that Cuban help is free help. I insisted all I could, but to no avail. We often restrict the flow of abundance by abiding to some cultural beliefs and values that are not always to our benefit.

Social Programming and its Effect

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Part 3 : Underlying Money issues – Inherited imbalances

woman holding baby - Inherited energies and money issuesSome inherited energies can be at the root of your money, as well as others, issues in your life.Did you know that both of your parents passed on to you way more than parts of their DNA code?

(I’ll speak in simple terms in this article since the concept of ‘inherited energies’ is a bit more complex than explained here from my understanding of it).

You see, money is a neutral energy. It is neither good and positive nor bad and negative. It just reflects, like many other areas, how we are resisting or restricting divine life energy.

How inherited traumas affect your money issues


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