Managing Energy Vampires

Have you ever come in contact with a person, maybe even a group, that left you completely drained and in a bad mood?

Most people have I’m sure and there are varying degrees of this experience. Sometimes you can feel a slow drain or a small discomfort. Other times, you will be left completely wiped out.

There are many ways we come in contact with these energy vampires. Sometimes they are our friends, our family or our clients.

It is not always done consciously, but being aware of the energy of the relationship can help you set stronger boundaries.

In the end, you decide if the relationship is beneficial or not and how you can protect your health from these interactions.

Here are 3 types of energy vampires and how to establish proper boundaries.

The Attention Seeker

They are the kind of people that like to take a lot of space. You may often feel small in their presence. They usually crave attention, support, and validation. There is little room for a 2-way relationship. Energy flows one way and it’s towards them.

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