Wed, Dec 26, 2018

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Modern life can be stressful and hectic, creating fatigue, frustration, impatience, and unhappiness. In the long term, it can even cause health issues. One solution for finding inner calm in today’s chaos is through meditation.

This session is part guided meditation, part sound meditation, including personal healing of the emotional imbalances restricting the particular Chakra for each person in the room.

Chakras are the centres in our bodies where information flows through. If energy in the Chakra is blocked, then it can result in illness, or lack of focus, vitality, and joy. The health level of the Chakras has a direct impact on a person’s health, emotions, mind and life experience.    

The session will consist of 1 hour of meditation and 30 minutes of discussion. The experience is about finding your sacred space, being made aware of your body, and working with it to overcome inner struggles and receive higher guidance.

People who have tried meditation and chakra healing report feeling less stressed, more peaceful and grounded for the next few days.

$25 – Can be paid in cash, with a tap debit or credit card.

‘I would like to thank you again for the healing and conversation we had on Wednesday. After your clearing I’ve been feeling so different, like I switched to a different frequency. I feel grounded, light and peaceful like the peacefulness is coming from my core. My days were also very productive. I try to hold that state for as long as I can and I,m very grateful for every day like that.’ – Martha

Online bookings are not available for this event.