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The Techky Healer

Do you want a streamlined process to schedule in clients and provide them with a great booking experience?

Wow your clients and increase your level of professionalism by providing them with an easy to fill online booking form, appointment scheduler, payment processing, and even a personal portal.

The Techky Healer

Do you want a streamlined process to schedule in clients and provide them with a great booking experience?

Wow your clients and increase your level of professionalism by providing them with an easy to fill online booking form, appointment scheduler, payment processing, and even a personal portal.

With a semi to fully automated on-boarding system you can save hours of administrative tasks per week and book in more clients, so you can have more time for the thing you love to do.

Proposal & Booking Form

Display your intake form online and allow clients to select their desired package. Stop selling one session at a time and start offering packages of sessions. Do you offer free consultations? Or do you need to chat with possible clients first before accepting them? We can still make that happen and save you time.

Appointment Scheduler

End the endless back and forth and allow clients to book a session directly from your calendar. It easily integrates with most calendars (Google, Apple, etc) and prevents double booking. You can even have a maximum amount of sessions per day as well as customized gap between sessions.


Get your clients to prepay or pay a deposit for their session and reduce your no-show rate. You can also setup payment schedules or automatic recurring payment. Dubsado connects to Square, Stripe and Paypal. It also connects to Quickbooks (soon Wave & Xero) for your accounting. You can also provide clients or potential clients with coupon code or discount. Track profit and loss, transaction history and outstanding invoices.

Automate Your Work

Send email, follow up emails and feedback form automatically. Your clients will love the extra attention and care. You will also be able to gather more easily feedback and testimonials for your website and promotional material.

Disclaimer & Contract

Protect yourself by having your clients sign a disclaimer form or a contract. If you buy professional insurance to cover your practice, a disclaimer or contract is usually required. 

Client Portal

Do you provide extra support to your clients? With Dubsado, they can have a personal client portal where your resources, forms, email exchanges and invoices are easily accessible in one area unique to each client.

Client Notes

Keep your client notes and email exchange in one place so you can easily remember session information and client’s details.

Track Your Sources

Learn where your clients come from so you can focus your energy and promotional budget on the right channels.

Email Templates

Do you find yourself sending the same emails over and over? You can store email templates (called canned emails) to quickly populate a new email. And it’s even faster than copy and pasting.

Why you need a client system

The heart of a healer has a burning desire to share its gifts and help others. I know you want to make a difference in the world and reach more people. And in this day and age, people look online for the solutions they are seeking. They expect to get what they want  quickly and effortlessly.

So you want to make sure the least amount of barriers are in the way of them saying yes to your services and booking with you. Some of these barriers are technological. A lot of people these days prefer booking online than calling to setup an appointment. It also makes it look more professional and legitimate. The problem is that most healers are not that proficient in terms of setting up technological systems. And that’s where I come in.

I can save you hours of work, headache and tech overwhelm by setting up your client booking system and process.

I use an amazing system called Dubsado which allows people from all over the world to book their healing with me at anytime of day and helps me stay organized. I have been using Dubsado for 4 years and it has been one the best investment to grow my own healing practice.

It saves me many hours of writing emails and I receive tons of compliments on how easy it is to book with me. My clients also appreciates the resources I send them and the follow ups.

There were many times I was away on vacations and receiving new bookings! Everything was automated and ready by the time I was back. Take back your time and grow your practice. Together we can get the tech overwhelm out of the way so you can be all setup and running within a couple weeks.

You may be asking why I am doing tech work while being busy in my own healing practice… The reason is that I have many talented friends that could be sharing their gifts and doing more of what they love if they didn’t let their tech overwhelm impede on their dreams.

I actually love implementing systems that lessens my stress and reduce my time spent on things I’d rather not be doing.

Since I only take 2 healing clients per day, it allows me plenty of time to do other things I enjoy such as setting up Dubsado system for other healing practitioners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What plateform or service will I need ?

I offer this service for alternative health practitioners who already have a Dubsado account or are ready to sign up for one. 

Dubsado cost approximately $300 USD per year. You can use this link to save 20% off your first year.

Their support is amazing and they are always coming up with new features. Once you are setup the system is quite easy to navigate.

What kind of information will you need ?

I will need your logo and brand colors for the basic setup. Should you wish to add more pizzaz, you will need to provide me with graphics or purchase the graphic add-on.

I will also need some login information to connect relevant systems such as your email, calendar, Square, Stripe or Paypal account, ect. I will also need your website login if you want me to add your booking form on your website.

I will provide basic copy writing unless you prefer submitting your own emails and forms.

Who do you work with?

I work with alternative health practitioners such as reiki masters, spiritual and energy healers, shamanic practitioners, breathwork facilitators, etc. that offer 1 on 1 service to clients (or small group) and who wish to build a booking and follow up system that is almost fully automated. 

How long will it take to be setup?

Once you provide me with all the information I will need to make this booking system works for you, it will take approximately 2 weeks (up to 14 business days).

Do I need a website?

Technically, you could be using Dubsado without a website, however, I do recommend having a website.

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