Featured Gemstones for June

We are entering the second half of the year and very soon the summer equinox. This season is about the nurturing of our dreams and is a time for taking action. This month would be helpful to reflect on where you are in relation to the aspirations you had for the year. Have you been moving forward consistently or are you still dreaming and wishing? Clarity and courage sometimes only come as we step forward. There is never a perfect time to step into it. For this season, I recommend Mookaite and Picasso Jasper.


Properties of Mookaite & Picasso Stone

Mookaite is helpful in bringing peace and calm when embarking on new life experiences or moving forward with our goals. It also allows some of the rigid patterns of thought to be dissolved. And it can assists you in making the right decision at the right time. On the other end, Picasso Jasper stimulates creativity and promotes the energy of courage to manifest one’s desire.


Time to revisit your New Year goals

Take the time to revisit your vision board if you created one at the beginning of the year. How do you feel when you look at it? Are you still pull to fulfill those goals as much as you did when you first created it? If not, what has changed? Do you need to make some adjustments to your goal(s) and maybe break it into smaller stepping stones?

If you didn’t create a vision board, did you have intentions for the year or goals you wanted to accomplish?

gemstones for taking actionRitual for renewing your focus

Summer is associated with the element of water. And the element of water brings the qualities of cleansing and of renewal. A wonderful ritual would be to find a river nearby, to sit along the shore or plunge yourself into, and contemplate on:

What do you need to let go of to help you achieve that goal?
What kind of support (financial, physical, emotional, spiritual, etc.) do you need?
What solutions am I not seeing?

Working with the gemstones

How can you use Mookaite & Picasso Stone as you work towards your goal? There are many ways to work with stones. Here are a few ideas :

Create an altar that represents your goal. An altar is a special place in your home (or office) filled with objects and elements that represent what is important to you. These objects help you focus on certain aspects of your life or yourself. An altar provides a sacred space where you can gather yourself to contemplate and energize those intentions. Adding gemstones to an altar is a good way to bring in the properties and qualities of those stones to energize this sacred space.

If you enjoy journaling, place your gemstones next to a lit candle where you write and set the intention for the stones to inspire your writing and provide insights.


gemstones for taking action and achieving goals
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