Many people recommend Rose Quartz has a ‘must have crystal’. It helps to align you with frequencies of unconditional love and to support the love of self, which is the basis of self-esteem.

rose quartz heartRose Quartz is a great stone to possess when you first start on your spiritual journey. It helps to soothe the many wounds that have been inflicted by a lack of reciprocal love, failed relationships, and lack of self-love. It supports the integration of a more refined personality.

For the ones who have done a lot of work around forgiveness and self-worth, and are looking to tap into the loving frequencies that are coming from the Soul, Kunzite and Rhodochrosite would be the gemstones to work with. These frequencies would support the integration of the Soul into the personality and the body. Aligning thoughts and actions and balancing all aspects of someone’s character.

Other wonderful love crystals to consider are:

Morganite, with its pastel hues of pink and blue, helps to act and speak with kindness. It is a wonderful gemstone to help you achieve success in a kind and benevolent way.

lepidolite heartLepidolite which helps with depression, acceptance, and self-love. Combine with Rose Quartz, these two crystals can be a powerful combination to lift you up from the muck. It is also a good option for those who have difficulties having healthy boundaries.

rhodonite pendantRhodonite can bring peace and forgiveness around difficult issues. Helping you to let go of resentment.

pink tourmaline palmstonePink Tourmaline brings an influx of loving energy, joy and happiness. Is a powerful cleanser of emotional wounds for some people. And may help with emotional and mood-related issues.

apatite tumble close upApatite is not directly related to love, but I find the energies uplifting and encouraging in working towards bettering yourself. Apatite also helps you align your thoughts and actions and help you work from the heart.

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