How to easily and safely cleanse your crystals

There is a lot of different options promoted on the web these days on how to clear the negative energies absorbed in your crystals and gemstones. Unfortunately, a lot of them are not safe or practical.

Unless you do some heavy duty healing work and really know what you are doing, you probably won’t need to use the following methods :

Cleansing Methods to Avoid With Crystals

Using salt water

Although there are a variety of crystals and gemstones that are technically safe when placed in water, a lot of them can weaken or dissolve over time (some of the softer minerals). Since it can be hard to figure out which ones are safe to use with water and which one is not, it’s best to use a safe method for all your crystals and stones. Also, salt is abrasive and may cause tiny fractures to develop and weaken your crystals.


Most crystals and gemstones are found deeply buried in the ground. They are earth beings and can fade and crack when placed in sunlight. I find there are other ways to charge and cleanse your crystals that are safer and as effective (which I talk about later in the post).

Although not technically unsafe, I avoid the following methods for practical reasons :

Burying your stones in the ground

I just don’t get why you would cleanse your crystals with a method that will require further cleaning… This option is just not practical since you have to wash the dirt off of the stone, usually with water, which is not always safe for delicate or soft specimens. I also prefer not to use this method as it may leave the detrimental energies in the soil and negatively affect that area. If you are not mindful of the ways you release the energies from your stones, you may be just transferring the energies from one place to the other instead of transmuting it.

Placing under the full moon

This may be controversial, but I don’t find this method practical or that effective. I have way too many crystals and gemstones to carry out and risk having them stolen from my patio. I also cannot always wait for the full moon to carry out my cleansing. Unless you only have a few pieces and have a balcony to keep them secure, this isn’t the best option. From my own experience working with stones, I haven’t found that placing them under the full moon to be very effective.

Easy and safe cleansing methods

Here are a few of my preferred gemstone cleansing methods which are safe, effective and simple.

sage selenite and sound bowl to cleanse gemstones

Incense and smudging

Since I’m all about simplifying and streamlining my processes and rituals, I mainly use smudging as a way to cleanse crystals. Not only does it cleanse the stones, but also my living and working space, as well as myself at the same time.

A lot of emotional energies get saturated in houses. Regular smudging helps to ‘clear the air’. Most people associate smudging with sage but there are many different essences that can be used. Some are better suited than sage for certain types of energies. For cleansing my home and my gemstones I love using Palo Santo or Dragon’s Blood resin. I find those essences to be more effective for emotional energies (which your gemstones will most likely be saturated with). I also prefer the scent of Palo Santo and Dragon’s Blood as it is sweeter and milder than sage.

Rice or coffee beans

Placing your gemstones on a plate of rice of coffee beans overnight can also be effective in most cases.

Make sure to honor the spirit of the rice and coffee for their help and to discard them in nature with gratitude.

Sound bowl or Tibetan bells

The high frequency emanating from the sound bowl or the striking of the bells will break up the dense energies imprinted in the crystals.

Some experiments have been done around the effect of sound and frequency on matter. You can research the work of Masaru Emoto to learn about the effect of music, words, and thoughts on water molecules.

You can also explore the effect of different frequencies on Chladni plate. Here is a good video : resonance experiment


A plate or wand of Selenite is also a great way to cleanse jewelry or small tumbles.

You can place your jewelry overnight on the Selenite after you have worn them.

That way you make sure that your jewelry won’t start ‘turning on you’ and amplify the energies it absorbed from you, others or your environment.


crystal cleansing symbolcrystal cleansing symbol sanjeeviniSanjeevini healing symbol

I have a neutralizing symbol at the back of my business card to cleanse small pieces.
Place a stone in the center of the symbol and using your focused intent to visualize/perceive the saturated energies being dissolved.



When to cleanse your crystals

Now, you may wonder how often you need to cleanse your gemstones and there is not one right answer. It will depend on your use of crystals and the energies in and around yourself, as well as where your gemstones are displayed and stored.

In most case, once a month will be sufficient, but in certain cases, a weekly cleansing might be required. Try to tune into your crystals and establish communication to find out when it’s needed and what method would be best.

How to cleanse your crystals and gemstones

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