wealth attraction crystal gridWhat is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is a way to combine the properties of crystals and sacred geometry in order to focus and enhance the energies to support the manifestation of a goal.

A crystal grid helps to anchor the intention of the goal so it can manifest more quickly and with less effort.

How to choose the elements in a crystal grid?

The first thing you want to do is have a clear goal. Having a clear goal will help you figure out the qualities you could use to support your goal.

Do you need clarity, creativity, passion, courage, self-love, connection with your Divine self?

Knowing what would support you achieving your goal will help you select crystals and other elements that carry the frequency you are looking for.

For example:

carnelian tumble close upCarnelian would be a great stone for courage or creativity.

fluorite pointFluorite would be excellent for clarity and decision-making.

lepidolite pointLepidolite is a wonderful stone for self-love & acceptance. As well as for release anxiety.

sodalite pointSodalite promotes clear communication, and help you express your truth and ideals.

kyanite tumble close upKyanite is beneficial in gaining spiritual awareness and opening your Third Eye.

rose quartz pointRose Quartz could help you attract the right partner or help you have harmonious relationships.

You do not need to limit your grid to crystals only. You can add other elements such as flowers, spice or symbols. For more ideas, you can read ‘How to Make a Medicine bundle

How to place the crystals on the grid?

I know some people are very methodological when it comes to placement. However, I feel this can be done somewhat intuitively. You should have fun building your grid.

For me, it is a playful process, but the grid and all the elements should feel balanced in the end.

clear quartz pointPlace a central stone (generator or pyramid type is best suited) in the middle of your grid. Anchor your goal into the central stone by gently tapping on it while visualizing or affirming your goal with all your senses.

Clear crystal quartz is a highly programmable crystal and is recommended as the central stone.

Do each step with intention and connect to the spirit of the stones.

What does ‘intention’ mean? Intention means to command, to declare something and know it is done. As you connect with the essence of the crystals, you will be able to develop a sort of relationship and reverence for them and enlist them as powerful allies on your journey.

Where to place your crystal grid

You can place your grid on a home altar in a sacred area of your home. Or you could use the Bagua map to determine the best location for the grid depending on what you are wanting to amplify and manifest.

You can also choose to place the elements of your grid on a sacred geometry cloth or wood base. Most popular sacred geometry symbols for this purpose are the flower of life or the Metraton’s Cube.

flower of life for crystal gridThe flower of life portrays the original patterns and forms of time and space. I also find with this symbol a high degree of healing properties.

The seed of life is the pattern of nature.

metatron's cube for crystal gridMetraton’s Cube contains all the five platonic shapes which were considered to be the building blocks of creation.

Antahkarana is a bridge between the Soul and the lower self. It can be used for amplifying spiritual connection and wisdom.

Activating the crystal grid

Once you are clear with your goal and you have anchored it in the central stone, you can activate your crystal grid.

The intention is to connect all of the crystals and elements together to start gathering the energies that will provide opportunities, inspiration and whatever you need to manifest your heart’s desires.

I like activating the grid by swinging a pendulum over the grid. Placing your attention on the pendulum as you intend to connect and activate your grid will help you bring yourself into a state of focus. You can also use a wand for the same purpose.

Maintaining your crystal grid

Place your attention regularly on your grid to keep it active by meditating, chanting, praying, visualizing and affirming your desire.

A crystal grid will remain active for approximately 3 weeks depending on the strength of your intention. After this time, you should cleanse your crystals and redo the process.

It would also be a good time to clarify your goal and make sure it includes all the details important to you. As you progress towards a goal you may realize that you had forgotten key elements to what you truly desire.

Where to buy items for a crystal grid

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How to create a crystal grid