I sense a lot of unresolved emotions of feeling unsupported, unappreciated, and taken for granted in the readings I do. There is a strong desire to connect with others and to feel loved and accepted as we are, yet most people feel the exact opposite.

There are often beliefs that others are responsible for our happiness and that if they loved or cared about us they would do x, y, z (fill in with your own rationale). So most people carry similar expectations that create a gap between them and others. Looking outside of themselves to fill the void within.

In this season of love, I suggest offering others what you want most for yourself. If you want to feel understood and supported, extend a compassionate ear, suspend all judgments, and if you can, extend a helping hand. Contemplate on your most unmet emotions and expectations from others. And be really honest with yourself if there are any incongruencies between what you are desiring and what you are offering.

Approach each interaction with others from the standpoint of being on the receiving end and treating each person how you would like to be treated.

This will require to take a pause and slow down your response. It may also allow you to become more aware of the values you stand for and the ones you wish to embody.

By becoming who you would like others to be, you will improve your interpersonal relationships and draw towards you situations and interactions that will be more satisfying.

Gemstones for honoring others

To help you enhance those qualities, I suggest working with BloodstoneOcean Jasper and Jade.

bloodstone pointBloodstone brings love into any situation & helps ground the negative energies surrounding that issue. It promotes courage and rightful response by enhancing the functions of the mind with more clarity and understanding to what is unfamiliar. It also helps us to act in the present moment.

It encourages selflessness and idealism. Bloodstone stimulates emotional growth and sensitivity. On the spiritual level, it helps us to bring spirituality into our everyday life.

ocean jasper tumble close upOcean Jasper is a nurturing, sustaining and soothing stone that helps us to love ourselves more and to love others as well. It helps us to accept responsibility for our own thoughts and actions. And it helps us increase our expression of love in words & actions. It can be beneficial in resolving conflicts by bringing into focus the positive aspects of ones’ life. It also encourages us to cultivate patience, and to cope with change by remaining grounded.

nephrite jade tumble close upJade promotes harmony, in personal relationships as well as business or family relationships. It helps us to understand and be better attuned to the needs of others. It encourages us to offer more love and care to our fellow human beings. Overall, it encourages us to enjoy life and to get things into perspective.

Honoring Others with Bloodstone, Ocean Jasper, Jade

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