A lot of people come to the store looking for crystals for protection. Although black tourmaline is often the recommended gemstone for protection, there are many options to choose from. Some might be better suited for you than others, depending on the situation and the underlying energies contributing to the sense of lack of protection.


I always advise that one must look at what causes them to feel threatened and vulnerable, and to address the source of their insecurities.


Contributing factors of powerlessness

Often times, I sense people having difficulties expressing their feelings and wishes clearly and confidently as the source of vulnerability. It creates difficulty in asserting themselves and their desires in a certain situation.


For others, it is caused by easily picking up other people’s energies, mood, and emotions. When someone has a high degree of empathy and hasn’t learned to differentiate their energy field and own space from others, it can become quickly draining to be around people.


We can also be vulnerable to the negative psychic energies being directed at us. If someone has a strong negative thought about you (conscious or unconscious) that can affect your life and health on many levels. These types of energies are often seen and labeled as curses and psychic attacks. However, these can only have en effect if you are holding resonating frequencies. Common resonating frequencies are the beliefs and emotions that you deserve it somehow, have self-punishing tendencies or tend to have strong negative thoughts towards others.



Best crystals for protection

Here is a list of the best gemstones for when we feel ungrounded, vulnerable and unsafe:

jet tumble close up Jet : It is helpful to overcome unreasonable fears and to regain control over our lives. It is a good grounding and purifying element. It also protects against negative energies and psychic attacks. Use Jet to cleanse your Aura.

black tourmaline chunkBlack tourmaline : It offers strong protection from external influences by repelling and protecting from negative energies. It also helps one’s to remain grounded and reduce fear. It also assists with self-empowerment by understanding oneself and others.

shungite merkaba starShungite : Helps to overcome fear of loss and isolation. It also helps to give up old habits of destructive thoughts. Restores the energy field, aura and revitalizes the body.

malachite tumble Malachite : It helps with making decisions and taking responsibility for one’s thoughts and feelings.  Stabilize mood swings. It helps to clear past unwanted influences. It can also ward off negative entities.

Onyx pyramidOnyx : Promotes self-assertion, healthy boundaries, and boosts confidence. Improves rational thinking, control and reasoning. Good for people with great mental or emotional stress.

raw sodalite chunkSodalite : It helps with communication and dissipates guilt. It helps one to verbalize one’s true feelings and beliefs. It can assist to understand one’s life path and obstacles to spiritual growth. Enhances self-esteem and acceptance.

obsidian sphereObsidian : Beneficial for space cleansing, protection and grounding. Helps to heal negativity & ancestral lineage. Strong stone that will bring up fears and issues to be worked through. Offers some protection from entities.

garnet palmstone sphereGarnet : Increases powers of resistance and increases willpower. It also transmutes negative energies into beneficial ones. It stimulates physical vitality.

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