As that special time of year rolls around again it can be hard to know what to get your nearest and dearest. To give you a few sparks of inspiration why not take a look at some of the ideas below. They’re all about allowing people to rediscover who they want to be, what could be better than that?


carved gemstone unicornCarved Gemstones Make a Statement

A beautifully carved gemstone piece such as a tower, sphere, or sculpture is great if you want to give someone something that really makes a statement.

If you know someone who is looking for that final touch to their home then this could be just what they want.

All you need to do is find something that fits their personality. It could be a rose quartz tower, a pyrite heart, or even a unicorn. Just take the time to find something they love.


carved pyrite heartGemstone Hearts Spread the Love

A heart-shaped gemstone is a great way to show someone special how much they mean to you. They’re a token of your love and friendship, and they also look pretty good on a bedside table or side surface too.

Find the right size and you can give the person you love a little touch of something special this Christmas.



Quartz Rollers Beautify the Skin

Hydrating and toning your skin is all about working with it in perfect harmony. Quartz rollers are one of the big beauty crazes right now because they connect with your mind and body in a spiritual way.

All you need to do is decide whether you want to gift Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Sodalite or Aventurine.



break your own geodeGeodes Bring the Family Together

Breaking a geode with your family is a fun way to create amazement.

And by each keeping a piece, you have a constant reminder of the unique and special way that you all fit together.




Herbal Tea Enlivens the Senses

Channeled organic herbal blends are a great way to invite specific frequencies into your life. Love, abundance, playfulness, happiness, clarity, endurance, and tranquility can all be yours when you achieve the right natural balance deep within yourself.

Locally Made Pendants and Bracelets

Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving. As a constant reminder of your love for that person it allows you to go wherever they go as they see the world.


There are options for every taste and budget in the store for Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. And as always, I can help you select the best stone for yourself or the person you are shopping for, with just the name when you order a crystal mystery box.

Christmas Gifts

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