People have different approaches and ideas when working with crystals and gemstones and that’s quite alright. However, there seem to be a few myths going on and I would like to bring light on some of them.

This is coming from my own work with gemstones and personal experience working with stones. Others might have different experiences.

Myth #1 – Full moonlight is the best way to cleanse and charge your crystals

First of all, I don’t find it convenient at all to use the light of the full moon to cleanse my stone. I have way too many to carry outside. I also find it risky to leave these valuables out since I live in the city and in the very proximity of people. And who wants to wait a month to cleanse their stones?

When you do heavy work with stones sometimes you need to cleanse them more than once per month and I won’t wait for a particular day of the month to do that. I have also done work with crystals where the light of the full moon wasn’t enough to clear the energy that had saturated my stones.

I prefer using incense and even a sound bowl. I find incense to be way more potent and easier to use. The incense needed would depend on the type of energies that have saturated the crystals. I know people think of sage right away, but I find it’s often not the right type of incense of most cleansing job.

Myth #2 – There is a right way (or a specific way) to connect with stones

I’ve heard people say you need to only use a stone for 10 days to 2 weeks in order to connect with it before using another. If that works for you it’s great. But don’t necessarily limit yourself to this kind of procedures.

Even just admiring the gems and touching them connects you with them. The connection happens when we become aware of the spirit of the stone. It doesn’t have to take time. It’s more of a felt sense than a procedure.

Myth #3 – Orgonite doesn’t need cleansing

This one is a biggie for me. I am not an Orgonite fan and I don’t believe it’s all that’s cracked up to be. I have done a few home cleansing where I have found Orgonite saturated with non-beneficial energy actually amplifying that energy in the space.

If you carry Orgonite with you or close to you and don’t cleanse it, it may actually be making you sick.

Myth #4 – All of the crystals can be stored with each other because they are all high vibration

All plants and flowers are high vibrations as well, but some don’t mix. The same thing is true for crystals and gemstones. Most gemstones are fine with others but there are some instances where gemstones may not be happy in a certain area or in close proximity to another type of stone.

Myth #5 – There is a maximum amount of crystals you should use at once

That one is on a case by case basis. Most often you can have on you many different stones without any problem. However, sometimes they can conflict.

If you have a lot of grounding stones, you may become too grounded. If you have too many upper Chakras stimulating stones, your head may become too much in the clouds.

You may also be mixing stones that have opposing qualities thus then creating a neutralizing effect.

Myth #6 – The crystal does the healing

Crystals and gemstones assist and support the healing process, but it is your own intention and personal will that does the healing. They might provide guidance when meditating with them on what is required to achieve a certain goal. However, it is up to you to follow the guidance and make the necessary adjustments in your life and in yourself for a better experience.

Myth #7 – Only quartz type stones can be programmed

Clear quartz is most easily programmable yes. However, you can program all type of gemstones. They do not need to be quartz and they do not need to be clear quartz.

Clear quartz is helpful when programming stones because they will amplify the intention as it is one of the main properties. However, you may wish to experiment with different stones depending on your intention.

If you would like to anchor intentions and affirmation around love and relationships, you could work with Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Pink Peruvian Opal or Lepidolite. Gently tapping the stone as you repeat your affirmation will anchor the thought form in the gemstone.

There are probably more than 7 myths about crystals and gemstones. Go with what you feel is true and experiment.

Here is my guide to working with crystals and gemstones. I have a very unique and easy way of working with them.

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