If you are just starting to get curious and interested in crystals and gemstones you may wonder how to use them. As far as I am concerned there is no right way to use crystals and gemstones, it’s just a matter of doing what works for you. However, as you start to grow your crystal collection you may run out of ideas or not really make the most of their properties. If so, check out this list of 50 ways to use crystals and gemstones. To be more precise it ended up being a list of 59 ways to use your crystals and ideas on how to incorporate them in your everyday routine.

Crystals For Protection

1 – Carry or wear black tourmaline and Garnet to deflect people’s negative energies

2 – Wear a Shungite pendant to reduce the harmful effect of EMF (electromagnetic field) emitted by your computer if you spend a lot of time in front of a screen

3 – Place Shungite around your modem to reduce some of the detrimental effects of EMF emitted by your modem.

4 – To protect yourself from negative energies or psychic attacks of jealous competitors or coworkers, carry Tiger Eye, Clear Quartz, Bloodstone, Sapphire, Carnelian

Crystals For Travel

5 – Keep Amethyst, Jet, Fancy Jasper and Malachite in the car for safer travel

6 – For protection when traveling on water, carry with you a piece of Moonstone and Aquamarine

7 – For protection and to prevent getting lost when traveling out of the country, carry Aquamarine, Fancy Jasper, Jet and Malachite

8 – If you suffer from travel sickness you can keep a piece of Yellow jasper on you. Malachite can also be beneficial if you have vertigo.

9 – To lessen the effect of jet lag, hold a piece of Sunstone is your left hand to receive the charge of the gemstone and a piece of Black Tourmaline in your right hand to release the jet lag.

Crystals For Divination

10 – Use a pendulum to tap into your subconscious and/or higher mind

11 – Use a quartz sphere (Clear or Smoky Quartz works best) for scrying and divining (perceiving images within the quartz which can provide insights into a question you have)

12 – Place your tumbles in a bag and use as an Oracle. You can create your own little guide using gemstone descriptions.

Gemstones For Manifestation

13 – Keep Topaz and Citrine with a $100 bill in your wallet to increase wealth

14 – Rub a $100 bill with a Cat’s Eye then wrap the bill around it and keep it tied, place it in the wealth corner of your home using the Bagua Map

15 – Use a combination of 3 types of gemstones to build a crystal grid for manifestation. For wealth and abundance you could use Green Aventurine, Citrine, Pyrite. For love you could use Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Carnelian. For peace and grounding you could use Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz. For healing you could use Hematite, Golden Healer, Sunstone or Bloodstone.

16 – Surround your vision board with appropriate gemstones to assist with the manifestation of your goals and dreams

17 – Use a mala necklace to repeat a mantra or a positive affirmation

18 – Anchor your vision and goal in a crystal generator in order to have your intention last longer. Do this by conjuring up what it would feel and be like when your goal and dream is manifested, then blow this vision into the generator. Energize the crystal generator a little bit every day by dropping into your heart and conjuring up your manifested vision as you look at the generator

Using Gemstones For Energetic Support

19 – Carry tumbles or flat stones in your pocket or around your neck to amplify certain positive traits

20 – Use Garnet and Red Aventurine to help you stay motivated to achieve your health and fitness goals

21 – For children who have temper tantrums a Howlite bracelet or pendant (or a piece of Howlite under the sheet under the pillow) can help reduce the frequency and intensity of the outbursts.

22 – Clear Calcite, Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite and/or Sapphire can increase awareness and wisdom during meditation

23 – Use Kyanite if you have difficulties entering a meditative state

24 – Carry a black gemstone (Tourmaline, Shungite, Nuumite, Obsidian, Onyx, Jet, Smoky Quartz) to stay grounded

25 – Pick 1 stone and carry it with you for a week. Every day, notice how your day went and if there were any aspects of yourself that were slightly different throughout the week. This is how you can get better acquainted with the properties of that stone and how it can benefit you.

26 – Add a piece of polished Rose Quartz and Amethyst to your drinking water to bring more peace and calm to your day

27 – Place a geode in your bedroom to increase fertility and promote conception

28 – To help you study, Agate and Aventurine are great options

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Using Gemstones For Physical Ailments And Support

29 – Drink Shungite water to reduce* the effect of excess EMF in your body. Add Shungite to a jug of water and let sit of at least 24h.

30 – Place Clear Quartz and Selenite around your head to reduce headaches

31 – Use Garnet, Pietersite and Red Aventurine to increase productivity when working on a project

32 – Place your broken gemstones in your plant pots to strengthen your plants

33 – Wear a mala necklace or bracelet that includes a lava bead or rudraksha see to add a drop of essential oil and combine the powers of gemstone with aromatherapy

34 – Tape a piece of Sunstone or Septarian over a bruise to reduce swelling and bruising

35 – Keep a Lepidolite or Lithium Quartz with you if you suffer from anxiety

36 – Add a piece of Clear Quartz to your herbal infusion and tincture to increase the effectiveness of the remedy

37 – To help you through a time of exertion (having to work extended hours or in a highly stressful environment or having to exert yourself physical) use Garnet

38 – Hold Clear Quartz, Bloodstone and Lapis Lazuli if you have a fever

Crystals To Improve Sleep & The Dream State

39 – Place Amethyst, Howlite, Topaz or Labradorite under a pillow to reduce nightmares

40 – Use Topaz under the pillow to prevent sleepwalking

41 – Place Amethyst and Moonstone under your pillow for a more restful sleep

42 – Place Tourmaline or Smoky Quartz under your bed to stay grounded and remove external influences from your dream state

43 – Place Selenite, Ruby in Kyanite, Marble or Kyanite under your pillow to help recall your dreams. Keep a journal on your bedside table and write your dreams first thing when you wake up.

Using Crystals For Space Cleansing

44 – Wave a Selenite wand around you and your office space between clients

45 – Keep Selenite under your pillow to cleanse the energies and stress of the day away

46 – Keep Selenite in your closet to cleanse the negative energies that you might have picked up throughout the day. Use Selenite to cleanse your clothes at the end of the day.

47 – Use a Selenite plate to cleanse your jewelry or gemstones. Place your jewelry or gemstone on the plate overnight so negative energies doesn’t accumulate.

Support For Your Gratitude Practice

48 – Keep a stone in your pocket to remind you of what you are grateful for. Whenever you reach out to the stone, think of something you are grateful for in the moment.

49 – Use a mala bracelet to count your blessings. Name one thing you are grateful for going through each bead of your bracelet.

Adding Gemstones To Your Beauty Routine

50 – Add a Rose Quartz and Amethyst to your bath for a soothing and relaxing self-care soak

51 – Add a piece of polished crystal quartz to your body lotion to amplify its properties

52 – Add a bag of Shungite to your bath for a detoxifying soak

53 – Use a Jade or Quartz roller to tone your skin and help drain the lymphatic pathways around your head and neck.

54 – Comb your hair with a crystal or gemstone comb

55 – Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and tone your skin with a gemstone Gua Sha bar

56 – Place a piece of polished Cats-Eye or Blue Lace Agate in spring water and set in the direct sun for 24 hours. Wash your face with this water to feel more beautiful and better about yourself

Some More Ways To Use Crystals

57 – Use a gemstone ring as a sphere stand

58 – Add a Clear Quartz to your loose incenses to amplify their potency (don’t burn the quartz! Just store your incense with a clear quartz crystal)

59 – Hang a faceted quartz by a window to catch rainbows

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